terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2004

Eis a minha nova casa!

Passfield Hall is a small corner of liberal enlightenment in civilised Bloomsbury 20mins walk from the LSE. A grand row of Georgian townhouses facing Tavistock and Gordon Squares, it is very much part of London’s distinct university quarter with the UCL bar and all the facilities of ULU (gym, swimming pool, a zillion societies, a pub, etc.) nearby. Only a few more minutes’ walk will take you to Oxford Street and Soho for retail therapy and diverse nightlife. It is because of its more basic infrastructure that Passfield has evolved a unique esprit des corps based on mutual respect rather than authoritarian rules. The Hall is renowned for its relaxed approach and budget accommodation along with a friendly atmosphere. Shared mealtimes (2 meals a day are included in the rent), paper-thin walls and floors, and mixed bathrooms, mean that peace, privacy, and happiness are completely dependent upon the good sense of students. The place isn’t completely without creature comforts, however: an inner garden (well, patch of grass with some trees), a cosy bar, daily newspapers ,vending machines , satellite TV ( Simpson communal viewing after dinner is a long standing tradition), table football, arcade games, a computer room and LSE network links in every room. At the end of the day, though, the thing which sets us apart from all the rest – other than the colours of our sometimes bizarre, sometimes hideous interior decoration- is our community spirit. As the year progresses, the Passfield community becomes the envy of the school. If you are hoping to make friends at the LSE there is no better place to start.

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